Three areas where AI is succeeding in digital marketing

There are a lot of misconceptions that abound regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as a synthetic or fabricated consciousness developed by humans for use in space exploration and robotic automation. 

However, these are mostly generated by story plots from sci-fi books or movies which gave it a sinister reputation.

But in reality, AI is basically a system that helps perform tasks that usually require human intelligence such as diagnosing diseases, solving problems, and recognizing emotions.

Today, AI has a promising role in digital marketing and any SEO consultant Sydney would not give it a second thought about the concept of using the technology to benefit the marketing industry.

In marketing, AI has the capability to help improve the customer journey and even enhance the return on investment of marketing campaigns by streamlining the processes. 

Basically, this involves the use of machine learning, big data analytics, and several other processes to help gain insights regarding the target audience and market. These insights help create more effective customer touch points and create an opportunity for SEO services Sydney to provide better digital marketing strategies that deliver better campaign results.

AI in digital marketing

Another area that AI has shown much promise is in automating processes that were once wholly dependent on humans. Digital marketing has a lot to benefit from it, since it has already seen its capabilities in content generation, pay per click (PPC) ads, and web design. 

This has become one of the major selling points of any SEO consultant Sydney who has begun utilizing AI in their digital marketing strategies.

Content development and curation

Content has become the awakened giant in digital marketing today that transcends across every type of marketing efforts, both traditional and in the digital sphere.

AI technology is not capable of curating and generating content, which can intelligently be targeted for people using different online platforms. At the moment, it is automating content generation on a basic level, however, it could soon be developed to generate a variety of topics for writers such and developing initial drafts of content material based on niches and subjects, among others.

In terms of content strategy, AI carries the potential to help marketers develop end-to-end content marketing strategies. There are currently several online and software marketing tools that are using this capability. 

On top of it, it can also generate a comprehensive project or campaign reporting with little to no human intervention involved.

AI in digital advertising

AI will continue to change the marketing landscape and even in the way businesses advertise their brands or products.

Several advertising companies have already developed electronic billboards that are now equipped with AI-based delivery systems which operate autonomously and places ads in front of people based on big data and complex algorithms. This is now known as programmatic advertising.

With the use of AI, businesses would be more than capable enough to optimize their returns of investment and make way for more relevant and targeted ads to the right people.